Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weddings and Fairy Tales

I just feel like I need to confess to you that I am writing today from a quiet place overlooking the beach. I know, its pretty disgusting how blessed I am. Feel free to revoke my right to complain about anything. It is just what I needed this morning, with less than a week until Vika has to return. As I watch Brian on the beach playing with the kids I can't help but notice how small they look in the scheme of things. By the scheme of things, I mean up against a huge blue sky and never- ending waves. This morning I sat on the balcony and talked to Isabella about how the ocean is so huge yet God tells the waves how far they can come and they go no further. We watched the birds in air and were reminded how He knows the whereabouts of each one of them. As I reminded her, He reminded me. 

Peace is never found in changing our circumstances. It is found in the realization that God is sovereign. He is big, powerful, and He holds all things together. And there we find rest. I'll be sharing about her first beach trip soon but first I had to share about another first that happened last weekend. 

So, last weekend I got to watch a friend get married. It was such a wonderful day for so many reasons. She was beautiful and even though I don't usually cry at weddings I cried at hers. As it worked out neither Kayla or Brian was able to go so I ended up taking Isabella and Vika instead. As God would have it, someone had already given us a dress that was perfect for the occasion. When they gave us the clothes I had thought to myself that it might be a little fancy and we might not have a use for it, but I figured she could wear it to church anyway. Silly me. Didn't I just write about God and details? This is why I write it down, guys. I need reminding, too. 

As we were getting ready I was going to curl her hair under with a curling iron just to make her feel extra special. As I went to curl it I realized the haircut was uneven in many places so I used charades to ask if she would like spiral curls. She did. So I took my time and her eyes were already lit up. She twirled in the living room to watch her dress flare, and when Brian came out she went in for a hug but then pulled away yelling "Papa, no!" and motioned he would mess up her hair. 

She was so excited since it was her first wedding. A wedding is something that was, until this weekend, only in fairy tales for her. I don't think I have the words to describe her face as she walked in and saw all the flowers and beautiful decorations. She ran around wanting her picture taken with friends and I couldn't help but be grateful that she has felt so loved by so many. One of the many is our youth pastor. He and his wife are, in my humble opinion, what every church needs in their youth department. They just embody "Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God". At one point he grabbed Vika's hand and spun her around like only a man with daughters would think to do. She lit up and I asked him to dance with her a little because I wasn't sure she had ever been able to do that before. He did (what a good sport!) and twirled her and she was so lit up that afterward I had to turn around to keep my composure. Or, to try to keep my composure. Unfortunately I locked eyes with a friend who had also been watching her and was all choked up and teary- eyed, too. No help there. 

The highlight of her night was clear though. She begged all night for a picture with the bride. She was so captivated by this beautiful women in her beautiful dress- all radiant with love and happiness. And because my friend is beautiful inside and out, she was happy to oblige. 

I promise to stop taking pictures with my phone. I formally repent of leaving my camera at home and using cheap, red eye inducing phones to capture memories. But this kind of radiance shows even on a cellphone pic! 

Then Vika danced until it was time to go. With sore feet she hobbled out- eyes bright and a smile stretching the length of her face. It was something she would have never thought to ask for but it ended up being one of the  highlights of her time here. Yes, looking at this picture I am reminded that God writes the story of our lives so much better than we would ever be able to dream up on our own. 

Note to self: stop trying to grab the pen. 


  1. Bridget, My name is Kerri Bobbitt...I am a childhood friend of your mother and Aunt's Theresa and Leslie...Theresa shared your blog with me and I have been trying to figure out how to comment and wolla today I figured it out! I have gone back and read your blog from the beginning and I just want to say: YOU ARE AN AMAZING YOUNG LADY! I enjoy your blog so very much and I check everyday to see if you have posted! What you and your family have done for this precious child from Ukraine is beyond words...I am so impressed with the way you, your husband, and children, (and Syb) have embraced her and made her one of your own. I know your heart will break the day you put her on that plane...Not that my opinion matters one way or the other, I just wanted you to know how impressive you and your family is to a "stranger". Thanks for sharing your life with me...Kerri Matthews Bobbitt

  2. Thanks, Kerri. So glad you enjoy the blog. The credit for any good you see here belongs to God. :) It has been a very interesting journey and we are excited to see what God has in store next for all of us. So glad you have enjoyed following along and thanks for saying "hello"!! :)