Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 4 - A Promise Is A Promise

Today started out a little rough. I woke up exhausted and there were plenty of demands waiting for me before I even poured my coffee. At noon I finally got a shower. At 3:00 I finally ate lunch. But I brought back mandatory naptime- for the boys at least- and told the girls they had to find something quiet to do. Vika was happy to draw quietly with Isabella while the boys slept and Mama sat on the couch listening to the quiet and getting reacquainted with her sanity.

After naptime it was getting late but I had promised her that I would take her to buy yarn today. So, off we went to Hobby Lobby. Vika got to pick a color for the blanket Kayla planned to make her. Then I let her pick yarn for herself to knit something. Of course, she only picked one skein of yarn and I don’t know of a project that doesn’t take at least two. So I had to encourage her to get two and told her if she needed more we could come back. I bought her some knitting needles and she seemed to know what kind she needed so I am curious to see if “enjoys” knitting is the same as "being good at knitting”. Either way, if it entertains her and makes her happy it’s a win I guess.

Speaking of promises, Papa showed her “how to make the hamburger”.  :)  She was really excited to get to help. We all had dinner and she seemed to enjoy eating together and even helping. 

She asked to wipe down the table and wanted to help me dry the dishes. I wonder at times if she wants to help or just feels the need to impress us. I wish I could see into her thoughts to know the difference. But for now I encourage her helping so she sees the “real” parts of being a family- working as a team. I hope it makes her feel less “out of place".

Four days in she still hasn’t asked any questions about us despite me asking repeatedly if there is anything she would like to know. I think I would feel better if she was curious, but maybe the new hasn’t worn off yet. All in all, today was a pretty good day.

To cap off the night I had one last promise to keep. Gavin was the only one who hadn’t gotten to run an errand with Mama today and I think he senses the most that there is less of Mama to go around. So we went down to the store together- just Gavin and Mama- and I let him pick out whatever candy his heart desired just as I had promised. He went for some little $ .25 candy and got all excited. “Mama, can I get one to share with the others”? I smiled at his request. “You can get five; one for everyone”.

His face lit up. “One for everybody? YEAH!” and he counted them out and proudly carried them to the counter. Then he brought home his bag and marched around the house handing them out one by one. Once everyone else had theirs he sat to open his own.

One for the others. 

Yes, Gavin, I do believe we are starting to get it. Be excited about the little things but never, ever forget about “the others”. 

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