Sunday, July 1, 2012

Misconceptions and Revelations - Day 2

I guess before I continue any further I can address some misconceptions that have come up. The first being that some people seem to think we are brave.... or worse, "awesome". I shudder a little bit at that because I know me. I am only in this because there is that part of me that believes that if God has shown me this much grace and love He will use me to show the same to others. A more accurate description would be, as they say, a beggar just telling other beggars where to find bread. I appreciate all of your kind words, emails, texts, etc though and I do know what you are trying to say. It stirs my heart to see God working in others and I am glad to hear that sharing what He is doing here has stirred some of yours. 

I know the question is on the tip of your tongues so I might as well address it. Everyone wants to know if we are going to end up adopting Vika. I'm going to be just as honest as I know how- we didn't enter this with that intention. There would be a million and one barriers to making that happen. We are taking deep breaths and taking this day by day.... 110% confident that God is actively at work and has a SPECIFIC plan for this sweet girl. His ways are not our ways and His ways are ALWAYS better... so we are taking one day at a time and clinging to Him as our guide as we try to figure out our part here. 

So one day at a time is how we entered day 2. The language barrier is hard but she is beginning to attempt to say a few words and we are learning a few of hers. We fumble our way through communicating and she is getting more comfortable here. We took her to church this morning and she was clinging to us like glue, yet seemed happy. Brian made fried rice for lunch and she loved it. She was amazed that not only can Mama drive but Papa can cook! Amazing! :) 

Some things are universal. 

Like painting nails. 

And braiding hair.... 

... And ice cream! 
We went to an ice cream social at church and she had a blast. She made herself a huge bowl of ice cream and clearly began to feel more comfortable there. I'm so, so thankful for my church and how they have been so eager to just love on her. 

Aiden (6) must have said her name 543895830425 times today. Brian and I joked we would be so tired of him if we were her, but she seems to adore him. When he isn't speaking Spanish words to her he is talking like normal but moving his hands around as if that counts as charades. "Vika, Vika, Vika, Vika.... VIKA!" Oh my. But she picks him up and hugs him tight, smiles at him and says "I love you"!

I think she was surprised to find that Brian is very silly and actually plays with the kids. When she got here she didn't know exactly what to think of him, but after his antics she has warmed up and will even go up to him for a hug. I want you to know I have permission to post the following video. Thanks, Brian, for being a good sport. AND an awesome dancer! 

Yes, folks... that is how Brian won her over. By the way, she tried the Just Dance game, too. This girl isn't afraid to try new things. I keep wondering about her story and it is like each day I get a new piece of the puzzle, but only one at a time. 

Today that piece was a good one. I asked her how to say Jesus and then I told her Jesus loves her. She smiled and said "yes." I asked if she knew that and her eyes lit up and she said "yes!" I asked HOW she knew that and she smiled warmly and replied "babuska". 


Our conversation was interrupted as the girls yelled that someone was shooting fireworks. All the kids ran outside and I followed behind wanting to see her reaction to these things I had tried to explain to her. A distant neighbor shot one up and she said "WHOA" and then clapped and squealed with excitement. 

When the excitement died down I wanted to ask her more but I decided it had been a long day and I was exhausted so I told them it was bedtime. She seems thrilled that I tuck her in at night. I wonder if she has ever been tucked in or if it has just been a really, really long time. I guess I will see the big picture eventually, but for now God seems content to reveal one little piece at a time. For now His instructions are clear and simple "cling to Me the way she clings to you. Follow Me as closely as she follows you." 

So we follow. 

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