Monday, July 16, 2012

One of Many

The blog has been quiet the last few days but I assure you, life has not! 

I could tell you so many stories. So many examples of His faithfulness swirl around in my head, but I will share one of many. A few days ago Isabella had officially grown tired of sharing her bike. She had been such an amazing sport! But one night, like every other Vika started pleading for us to let them go out on bikes again. Isabella's face fell, knowing that Vika would be taking her bike. Brian said "Ok, enough of this... I am going to run to goodwill and find a used bike". I told him I had been keeping an eye out since long before Vika got here. Since our girls are on them every night I had anticipated her wanting one. "They never have them there" I had said. 

Oh ye of little faith. 

Brian ran to the closest goodwill and Isabella went with him. Sure enough they found a bike, and although it was a boy's bike Brian decided it would do since we only need it for a month. BUT, while standing in line Isabella was sitting on it, and a complete stranger walked up to Brian and said "were you looking for a girl's bike?". Brian told him he actually was, and the man said "I have one at home you can have if you want it." And so, an hour later Brian was home with a girl's bike in just the size we needed (for free). It is obviously older but it suits our needs perfectly. 

Folks, He cares. 

He delights in her. And He delights in all of us

Yes, God has opened my eyes to a million examples of how He is intimately involved in the details of each day. 

Lots of smiles lately

His love for her is fiercely protective and in passionate pursuit of her heart. 
And He never gets overwhelmed or says there are bigger needs out there so she will have to wait. He gives ALL of Himself to each of us. 

And usually I am "ye of little faith". But my faith is starting to grow as I realize that I haven't been given a slice of God's power or His grace (although I have to think even a slice would be more than I could imagine). He promises all. Somehow. And so it doesn't matter that I am just one and the needs seem overwhelming to me. 

Because He is all-powerful. 

I'm learning more than my heart can pour into a blog. And loving like this- it can be hard. But folks, I think this feels like really living. I think this is what He meant by "abundant life". There is a closeness in the hard that I have never been able to manufacture during the "easy". Loving a stranger. Living for something bigger than myself and my usual vain pursuits- yielding my plans and my days for His purposes. My investment is so, so small but ours is a God who multiples (remember that whole fish and bread and feeding the multitudes thing He did? Yeah, that). 

And this time I don't have to quit out of frustration or be overwhelmed by the need. Because I'm not doing it anyway- HE is. 

Ephesians 2:10 says "we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." He doesn't need me to figure it out. He's got this. The plan, the needs, the Victory. 

Yes, He's got this. I'm bringing nothing to the table here other than willingness. But His power is made perfect in weakness and so I am able to accomplish what He has prepared for me for the day. So needs are met, and love is invested. Not because of me, but because of Him.

So today I won't be frustrated by the needs all over the world, but instead I will choose to trust and pray for those needs believing He hears and He acts when I pray. Because I want to see God move mountains for these invisible children- and for all those who don't know how He loves them. I want to see lives completely transformed by a Love we can't comprehend. I want to see a flood of the Holy Spirit here like I've only read about in books. 

I want REVIVAL. 

And somehow, deep down I believe I'm not just one. 

I believe I'm one of many. 

"And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  - Matthew 16:18  (Emphasis mine. That's red letter, folks) 

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